Advanced Innovation from battery to automotive to skyrails


Three core technologies of new energy vehicles—battery, electric motor and electric control


BYD was the first automaker in the world to master the three core technologies of new energy-powered vehicles, including battery, electric motor and electric control. Its annual battery production capacity of 16GWh makes it a world leader in the production of power batteries.

  • 542 is the High-performance Models of BYD

    • 5: 0 – 100 km/h acceleration under 5s

    • 4: Full-time electrified 4-wheel drive, response time in 0.02s

    • 2: Fuel consumption under 2L/100km

The 0 – 100 km/h acceleration under 5 seconds–Redefining acceleration and setting a new standard for ultimate performance.

Full-time electrified 4-wheel drive, response time in 0.02s –With an innovative electronic technology, the full-time electrified 4WD system is set to disrupt the complicated structure of the existing mechanical 4WD system with a response speed 10 times faster than that of the traditional system. Moreover, it can bite the road better, and provides a safer and more powerful driving experience, in addition to setting a new safety standard.

100 km fuel consumption within 2L -The system has achieved a breakthrough in energy efficiency and set a new standard for fuel economy thanks to the in-house developed DMII technology (under MIIT test standard).



Our Blade Battery provides your driving experiences with world class safety


Global Leader in Remote Driving Technology

Back in 2012, BYD already developed the globally leading remote driving technology on its own. This technology has been used on mass production models, achieving remote control within a visible short distance. You are firmly in control no matter what’s the circumstance, be it maneuvering into a narrow parking space or controlling your vehicle remotely when it is raining. Get ready to experience the unprecedented fun in driving.