The S7 from BYD Philippines is a luxury crossover SUV made versatile with a multi-purpose third row for additional seating or extra luggage space, a roomy seven-seater sport utility offering plush comfort on city drives and on open road getaways. Her long, mid-sized dimensions are a joy to drive with a smoothly powerful 4x2 powertrain delivering bonafide sport performance, and with a sophisticated 360° sensor suite that lets you pilot the S7 with sharp situational awareness.




Ground Clearance

Seating Capacity

Trunk Capacity

2.0Liter  Turbocharged DCT

202hp @ 320Nm of torque

4,835(L) /1,855 (W)/ 1,720 (H)

180 mm

7 seats / 5 doors




Turbocharged Finnesse

The raw boost of the turbocharger is refined with dual variable valve timing (DVVT), intake variable technology (IVT) and stratified combustion.  The 202hp coming from a small 2.0liter 4-cylinder gasoline engine is finessed into an even more impressive power curve that’s as flat as those of high performance turbodiesels (but unhindered by a diesel's low rpm ceiling)--torque peaks early at 236lb-ft from 1750 to 4500rpm.   And all that motive force is translated into relentless acceleration by a 6-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission that doesn’t miss a beat all the way up to the S7's top speed of 190km/h, disengaging from one gear and engaging another one in the same step, simultaneously.   

Stable and supple, fully-independent suspension

Independent MacPherson struts with stabilized wishbone in front.

Independent multi-link system in the rear to enhance vehicle dynamics as well as ride comfort




S7 10.2 inch Android Multimedia System.j

360° sensor suite

All around sensors give the driver instant cues for tight parking maneuvers.  Optical sensors render a top-down panoramic view of the vehicle as it moves in realtime.  Whileproximity sensors  add aural cues to the visuals, warning when obstacles are just 60cm away in front and 120cm in the rear. 


Bosch ESP

Bosch's integrated Electronic Stability Program (ESP), the gold standard in enhanced emergency control systems, maintains traction and vehicle stability all throughout the most drastic maneuvers.


Protection for all

Impact protection with six airbags (dual front, side and curtain)  and 3-point seat belts for all seven passengers in all three seating rows