BYD e6 Gets Golden Medal for "Best Quality Product" in Havana International Fair 2015

The BYD e6, the first pure electric vehicle to be introduced in Cuba, is exhibited by BYD China at the Havana International Fair 2015.  Around 4,500 exhibitors from over 60 countries participated in the annual fair that is considered one of the most important trade fairs in Cuba and the Carribean region.

BYD Team Receives the Golden Medal Award for "Best Quality Product" during awarding ceremonies held at the Palacio Convenciones of the Havana International Fair 2015.

Cuba's Minister of Transport (center), Mr. Adel Ysquierdo Rodriguez, listens to BYD's presentation on green transportation solution

Havana, Cuba  The BYD e6, the first pure electric vehicle to be introduced in Cuba, was presented with the Golden Medal for "Best Quality Product last November 6, 2015 at the Palacio Convenciones during the 33rd Havana International Fair in the presence of Cuban Vice President Miguel Mario Diaz-Canel Bermudez.  This award proves once again that BYD's state of the art technology is well-received in the global arena. 

Held in the capital city of Cuba from November 2 to 6, 2015, the annual Havana International Fair is considered one of the more important trade fairs in Cuba and the Caribbean region.  Designed to promote Cuba's international links and relations in the global arena since 1983, the Havana International Fair this year had more than 20,000 square meters of net exhibition area and attracted 4,500 national and foreign exhibitors from over 60 countries including BYD which represented China.  The Havana Fair likewise boasted of 150,000 visitors and the participation of important Cuban officials and business delegations.

Many Cuban authorities visitors the BYD exhibition to see for themselves the first 100% pure electric vehicle and know more about BYD and its green solution to "the whole problem", among them were Mr. Rodrigo Malmierca Diaz, Minister of Foreign Trade and Investment; Mr. Adel Yzquierdo Rodriguez, Minister of Transport; Mr. Marino Alberto Murrillo Jorge, Minister of Economy and Planning; and Mr. Zhang Tuo, Chinese Ambassador to Cuba.

About BYD

BYD Company Ltd. is one of China's largest companies and has successfully expanded globally.  Specializing in battery technologies, their green mission to "solve the whole problem" has made them industry pioneers and leaders in several high-tech sectors including High-efficiency Automobilies, Electrified Public Transportation, Environmentally-friendly Energy Storage, Affordable Solar Power and Information Technology and Origial Design Manufacturing (ODM) services.

As the world's largets manufacturer of rechargeable batteries, their mission to create safer and more environmentally friendly battery technologies has led to the development of the BYD Iron Phosphate (or "Fe") Battery.  This fire-safe, completely recycable and incredibly long-cycle technology has become the core of their clean energy platform that has expanded into automobiles, buses, trucks, utility vehicles and energy storage facilities.  BYD and all of their shareholders, including the great American Investor Warren Buffett, see these environmentally and economically forward products as the way of the future.

BYD has made a strong entrance to the North, Central and South American markets with their electric battery buses, and lineup of automobiles.  Their mission lies not just in sales growth, but also in sociologial integration and local job creation as they have poured incredible investments into developing offices, dealerships and manufacturing facilities in the local communities they now call home; truly a first for Chinese companies.  For more information, please visit