BYD Sets 4th Straight Plug-In Car Sales Record


BYD will not let Tesla win without a fight.

BYD, the biggest manufacturer of plug-in electric cars in the years 2015, 2016 and 2017, is doing everything that’s possible to keep pace with Tesla and remain #1 for 2018.

In September, BYD set its fourth all-time record of plug-in car sales in a row, reaching 25,019 – over 4,000 above the record from August. Pace of growth increased to 121% year-over-year!

Plug-in share out of overall BYD volume stands at 56% (an all-time high).

The nine-month tally stands at 135,337. With three months to go, the target of 200,000 in 2018 is considered easy now.

At the moment, Tesla sold over 154,000 BEVs in 2018 and it’s probably already too late for BYD to compete for the title of the biggest plug-in car manufacturer in 2018.


Currently, BYD offers six plug-in models. Two of those models are available in both BEV and PHEV versions, so a total of eight options.

BYD sales breakdown:

  • Tang PHEV – 6,019 (3rd full month of second-generation and new record)

  • Yuan BEV – 5,008 (4th month on the market and another record)

  • e5 – 4,265 (almost record)

  • Qin PHEV – 3,866 + 1,207 BEV

  • Song PHEV – 3,014 + 132 BEV

  • e6 – 1,508