Wolfgang Egger designs BYD Dynasty prototype


A dragon-inspired exterior drawing inspiration from China’s rich cultural heritage.” - Egger

To deepen its development of electric powertrains and to provide greater green transportation solutions, BYD unveiled the ‘Dynasty’ prototype vehicle created by its new design director Wolfgang Egger in an annual gala. Egger, who used to be the chief designer of Audi and was also connected with Alfa Romeo, will be working with Heinz Keck, who was with Daimler for 20 years as an expert for tuning suspension and steering systems as well as tires for several Smart and Mercedes vehicles.

BYD attained a record five billion RMB in profits last year with BYD Philippines (STAR Corp.) besting 100 other dealers globally. In addition, the auto company recently launched its electric and hybrid plug-in Song series—the Song EV300 and Song DM at the Shanghai Oriental Sports Center.

“The trend to go electric is already irreversible,” Wang Chuanfu, Chairman and President of BYD told more than 2,000 attendees. “But where is the next growth area? There’s no doubt that it will be in consumer vehicles, most of them plug-in hybrid models.”

BYD is preparing to make an even greater push internationally by investing in world class technology and expertise that advances its vision of creating an eco-system of quality new energy products. The five billion RMB SkyRail monorail that was launched last October, the appointment of Hollywood actor Leonardo Dicaprio as brand ambassador in China for new energy vehicles, along with the recent hiring of two European automobile heavyweights underscore the company’s strategic global expansion.

With the help of Egger, BYD will have a distinct design and it will unify all BYD vehicles. “Joining BYD provides an opportunity to help a young brand develop its design DNA to expand its global footprint,” said Egger. “This concept vehicle will take BYD’s consumer vehicles in an exciting new direction, with design cues like its dragon-inspired exterior drawing inspiration from China’s rich cultural heritage.”

BYD supports a concerted effort in mitigating climate change. Last year, it used the C40 Climate Change conference in Mexico to call for a joint effort in reducing the global temperature by 1 degree Celsius.

In the Philippines, the authorized distributor of BYD vehicles, STAR Corp., supports the annual Electric Vehicle Summit, which is organized by the Electric Vehicle Association of the Philippines (EVAP).

“Green technology particularly electric vehicles, is the way of the future. And BYD will continue to support the electric vehicle development in the country,” said STAR Corp. managing director Mark Andrew Tieng.